Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Great Teacher !


salam... hye u'all she is my english lecturer ! her name is Intan Noorazlina. she is great lecturer in the world. thank to begin my english lecturer. today , i feel more confident to write , talk and so on ! the important  i  more confident to talk the speech with public!  i improve my grammar very well ...

Blog ?? ermm it so hard !


ermmmm... it so hard for me to write any story about this blog ! because english language, so hard for me ! =) actually blogs is the last assessment and need to submit the last day at 27 october 2011 ! i had write anyting in this blog..my feeling, improvement, weaknesses... even though my english was very broken.. now i feel i like to write blog with english language....

Group discussion

Group discussion ???

member of group are 4... always the same ! me , asya , aiza and afifah.topic of this group discussion is diabetis and hypertension. madam give us 2 minutes to discuss the point then delivery the point for 10 minute!
i think our group do very well.. this topic make more knowledge about diabetis and hypertension for me!!
we must more take care my body .. =)

Special ocassion / impromp to speech

spontaneous speech ??

waiting madam intan pick up anyone to be the presenter make me feel nervous... i just go to madam intan and she give me task! my task is " what i do after five years " !
first time , im standing in front of stage , make me shy because this task present in public !
after 5 second , i became cool.. and i more confident and many idea point to talk about "what  i do after 5 years" my point is very simple but i know , the audience understood what i say !
i know , my grammar are broken but i still try to talk with my friend ! =)

Forum ??

this speech needs 4 members which are me , nor aiza , asyariah , and norafifah..* *my topic is " relevent or not relevent mach making  in IPT or working time " .
Nor aiza is moderator , asya is panel  1 , nana panel 2 and norafifah is profesor ... we all discuss about relevent or not relevant  meet a partner in IPT or working time !  this speech i feel more confident to talk . because im sitting in front on camera and i do not read a note but i can speak very well. so i became more confident and relaxed. my group take more time to discuss this topic ! so amazing !! =)

Persuasive speech

continues with second speech ...this speech need only two person..and my partner is Siti Amimah... actually we need to create one product difference in the market now ! then persuade customer buy our product. give the detail, functions, strengths or weaknesses of our product..this speech i feel more confident . my eye contact and movement is improve because needs to interact with customer !

 this is one our product 

Informative speech ??

this is the first assessment that i do.. should be present about ' myself' through movie maker and be held of after raya .. the interesting for this assessment is im doing the present without see the note. my speech and movie maker is simple but nice ! oppss... hikhik .. and my eye contact with audience is ok ! overall  of this assessment are i'm confident but also nervous... =)